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ben/westonka 2013/minneapolis natural light, senior and commercial photographer

ben was a lot of fun on his senior shoot with me, as was his mom.  i honestly had an absolute blast with both of them.  he is already lined up for the air force for next summer…he knows what he

danny/mound-westonka 2013 senior/minneapolis natural light, senior and commercial photographer

danny was oh, so easy and oh, so mellow.  i kept stopping from shooting and turning to his mom and said “this is danny, here and now” ?  “this is how danny would stand?” 

more of trevor/westonka senior 2012/minneapolis senior photographer

trevor and his mom were oh, so easy on the streets of minneapolis this week. here are just a few more of my favorites from his mini shoot with me for your viewing! he sure is a handsome guy and he

trevor/westonka senior 2012/minneapolis senior photographer

good morning! here i am behind my computer editing already this morning…allie is at a friend’s cabin for the weekend and i figured i had better get something done while the house is

sneak peek of trevor/westonka senior 2012/minneapolis senior photographer

trevor was my mini #2 the other night in the warehouse district, he met me there with his delightful mom and here is just one image from our hour together as a sneak peek, more to follow yet this

photoshop mentor/sayde/westonka senior/minneapolis senior photographer

Hello to everyone out there…I have been kind of quiet these days, doing my own little thing! I am so darn busy working on my new website, it truly is taking me many, many, many, many more

sooc and after/minneapolis teen and senior photographer + photoshop mentor

here is an image of maddy…at a wall i have been dying to use…sooc, shot in RAW with my 5d mark II and my 50 mm 1.4 lens. iso 200, shutterspeed 1/160 and aperature 2.8. it was cold

R family sneak peek/minneapolis family photographer

just one quick silly one for the R family…i hope to have their gallery up and completed by tomorrow:) wish me luck! ***here’s kate and ben, typical siblings!

krista/2011 senior/minneapolis senior photographer

just a few more of my favs from krista’s shoot. i think she got “the best of both worlds” on her shoot…alittle bit of urban and alittle bit of rural:) sing it like miley as

take a great photo and making it flippin fantastic/minneapolis senior photographer

i often get comments “what do you mean you have to edit for hours”… friends will say…”just upload the images you took at baseball, don’t do your thing to

this one makes me giddy/minneapolis senior photographer

one more of miss krista…yes, i have been up for a couple hours already editing this saturday morning:) i am skipping my son’s state tourni game…but last i heard they were losing

tidbit sheets/minneapolis newborn and senior photographer

this past month i have typed up helpful tidbit sheets to help make your newborn or high school senior shoot with me go smoothly and also so that you get a feel for how i work and what i expect from