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alexandra/blake 2013/minneapolis natural light, senior and commercial photographer

when alexandra’s mom called to inquire about senior pics she said that they really wanted images in their neighborhood and by their neighborhood gazebo.  for those that know me and how i work i don’t typically “wing shoots” anymore as i have tried going to places that clients suggest and most likely the lighting is...

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all versions of black and white/minneapolis kid and family photographer

per this mom’s request…i did do a basic color edit to each image, but i heavily played with a variety of black and whites as that’s what she wanted. we did their shoot in downtown wayzata on a gorgeous 85 degree day…the beach was packed…and the boys kept asking “are we done yet?”. i am...

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my job is never boring/minneapolis photographer

um, in the past year my shorts have split in two in the rear i have backed into a non moving pole and have done major damage to my vehicle i have trespassed more than you would want to know:) i have parked illegally… i have driven down a couple one ways and have been...

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