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one quick ixtapa edit/minneapolis natural light, senior and commercial photographer

we are headed to see my dad in the nursing home today as a family…i went yesterday solo.  here is one quick image from our trip from ixtapa.  this was taken from our villa balcony with my old,

we’re back home/minneapolis natural light, senior, and commercial photographer

Just a quick good morning to all of you that read my blog…to let you know that i am back home and back to work!  I will be catching up this whole weekend-returning all calls, emails and

my life/minneapolis natural light, senior, boudoir and commercial photographer

Just a friendly fyi this afternoon…I will be away from my computer 3/22-3/29 enjoying some much needed family time.  I will be returning all phone calls/emails on 3/30 and 3.31.  And because I

grandpa freddie and verna visit yesterday/my life/minneapolis natural light photographer

sometimes it is what it is…perfectly imperfect.  we ventured to dassel yesterday to see my dad and his wife, verna.  he is in his early 80’s and is not doing the best.  he has

just a sampling for now/wilhelmina mini shoots/minneapolis natural light and commercial photographer

i just have a minute right now but want to post a sampling of what i have worked on in the last 24 hours.  i will do a big post real soon as well:)   here is carissa…     here

jillian/wilhelmina modeling mini shoot/minneapolis natural light, senior and commercial photographer

okay i lied…one more sneak peek before i head to the grocery store to take my dad groceries…and then jump in the shower and head to dassel, mn for the afternoon/early lunch!   here

more model images/wilhelmina modeling agency/minneapolis natural light and commercial photographer

today i am headed to my dad’s as he’s not doing well at all.  it is so tough to see your parents suffer due to illnesses/age/depression that goes along with it all.  i am plugging away as

carri/minneapolis natural light and commercial/modelingphotographer

one sneak peek this morning…here’s gorgeous carri, my second model last weekend at the mill city museum when i was shooting for wilhelmina modeling agency.  i just love her coloring and

jody/minneapolis natural light and commercial photographer

jody visited my studio for new head shots…and she wanted a more contemporary look so i was all over that:)  as those that follow my blog know, i always edit in color and bw. i have hung out

alexa/minneapolis tween/minneapolis commercial and modeling photographer

Miss alexa is signed on with one of the modeling agencies in the area but also came to the Wilhelmina Minneapolis mini’s last weekend at the Mill City Museum .  She was my first model of the

commercial mini’s/i threw this up on facebook minutes ago as well/minneapolis natural light and commercial photographer

commercial mini’s-portfolio building purposes special pricing. here is the deal: on april 3rd I will be at my studio from 10 am -2 pm. i will promise my models one head shot digital image for

more of cute carli/minneapolis natural light, kid and commercial photographer

honestly…one of the easiest kids i have ever had the pleasure working with and i mean it hands down. carli did whatever i asked of her, no questions asked.  and my camera loved her, i think you

carli/minneapolis natural light, kid and commercial photographer

miss carli visited the studio and she was so adorable and so cooperative:)  here is just one sneak peek from our time together!  such a fabulous smile…      

weekend update/my life/minneapolis natural light photographer and commercial/modeling photographer

Honestly, it was quite the weekend for me…very busy:)  I shot for Wilhelmina both yesterday and today.  I was having some mommy guilt as I don’t miss my kid’s activities much and i

brittani/minneapolis natural light and commercial photographer

i feel so blessed to have some strong relationships among those that get me and understand me and how important my work is to me, etc.  Brittani’s friendship is one of my newer ones…but

seniors of 2013/minneapolis natural light and senior photographer

I am so stinking excited to get back on the streets this spring/summer for my seniors.  I am sad to hear that some of my favorite walls/locations near Riverplace are boarded up more than ever with no

the many expressions of max/minneapolis natural light, kid and commercial photographer

I spent at least and hour with max and i honestly think i took 30 images total.  he was a wiggle worm and interested in just moving around.  but, we got some keepers and some fun expressions for

mr max/minneapolis natural light, kid and commercial photographer

max and his delightful mom came to my studio this week and let me just honestly say that he was a mover and a shaker.  i honestly don’t think i have ever had a kid move to much during a shoot. 

stinkin cute/minneapolis natural light, kid and modeling photographer

more of miss liv before i hit the bed tonight.  she truly has a little christie brinkley look to her, don’t cha think?  stunning.  i seriously hope i get to shoot her again real soon as i know

MMMM/more modeling mini’s monday /minneapolis commercial, kid, natural light and modeling photographer

okay…one more stab at these modeling mini’s.  what did i learn from this past week?  i ended up needing at least an hour with each of the small kiddos to get any keepers.  each kid was

liv/minneapolis natural light, kid and modeling photographer

a little bit timid…tons of sweetness… and loads of cuteness:)  here is a sneak peek of what is next to come!  here is miss liv…check out those eyes:)  her mom dabbles in photography

addison/minneapolis natural light, kid and modeling photographer

miss addison does a little bit of modeling…and her mom dresses her well:)  on these mini shoots i promised 3-5 and with addison her mom chose to pay more when i told her i had a few more

addison/minneapolis kid, natural light and modeling photographer

addison’s mom is a fellow photographer and we shared my first studio together in hopkins.  i was oh, so tickled when she signed up for these mini sessions as i hadn’t see her or addison

mini shoots tomorrow update/minneapolis natural light and kid, and modeling photographer

I am back in town and I am back on my own computer:)  yeah!  We were in Rochester at a basketball tournament this past weekend and I was unable to edit my blog via my phone and there were only two

wanted/kid models/minneapolis natural light, kid and modeling photographer

*****EDITED *** I  am doing my absolute best filling these time slots while i am out of town.   i am giving first come, first serve… based upon whether you noted a certain time or full

dani/commercial shoot/minneapolis natural light photographer

I was oh, so flattered when I got an email from Dani asking if i would do her head shots, etc as she is going back to “regular” work.  She was a photographer in the past, so I knew

2.29 snow day/minneapolis natural light photographer

We had a very mellow snow day over here at the Anderson’s yesterday.  After the automated call from the school at 5:50 am that school was cancelled we all went back to sleep a bit but we woke

boudoir model for 3.15 or 3.16/minneapolis natural light and boudoir photographer

Okay all, here is the deal!  I am itching to do a boudoir shoot in a “styled home”-one with a gourmet kitchen with amazing natural light and a fabulous bathroom/bedroom suite. 

wilhelmina minneapolis/minneapolis natural light and modeling photographer

I am so darn pumped…   Wilhelmina Minneapolis has partnered up with some great photographers and we are opening up W Studios …and Wilhelmina Minneapolis will have a W Studios