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more of my favs from the O family/minneapolis natural light photographer

as i said previously, these three kiddos live across the street from me and i adore them and their parents. i take them out alone every year…and it is always a busy time, but we get it done.

the R kiddos/sneak peek/minneapolis natural light photographer

just one quick sneak peek…before i start to get ready for my two family shoots today…i know that their mom is patiently waiting. let me just say that getting this shot wasn’t

dom/a before and after/minneapolis teen photographer

good morning! i just finished up editing the O family edits…but here is one quick post of dom…a dramatic edit for fun for your viewing! more to follow here real soon, i just need to

the three O kiddos/minneapolis natural light photographer

for those of you that follow my blog on a regular basis you probably recognize these three. i take these three kiddos out every year…they live across the street from me and are near and dear

all white/studio/minneapolis natural light photographer

i am out the door to go and meet a photographer friend for lunch…after a pit stop at the post office to mail to client boxes…but here is just one quick image of the newly painted white

sally and jillian/minneapolis natural light photographer

i will first start of by stating that i did not know the P family prior to their shoot. we met on a chilly morning last week…and it was 33 degrees when we got to our on location site. brrrrr.

personality plus/minneapolis natural light photographer

i got my kiddos off to the bus/it was a long mea break over here… and i honestly went back to bed for a few hours…much needed:) here i sit now with pandora blaring and i just have to say

last minute holiday mini’s/minneapolis natural light photographer

i am going to do one more set of holiday mini’s…the day before thanksgiving…outside my new studio if the weather permits, inside my studio if the weather doesn’t.

sneak peek for the P family/minneapolis natural light photographer

i met the P family on the west side of town…and oh, it was a chilly morning! but, we got it done. we had lots of good laughs and let me say i have lots of bloopers/outtakes due to miss

out of my comfort zone a bit/minneapolis natural light photographer

motorcyles…two big motorcycles and two adults on top of the motorcyles. what to do with them was the question? i honestly felt a bit out of my comfort zone, well more than a bit…but i

more of megan/eastview 2012/minneapolis senior photogapher

megan is just a doll…so sweet and she was oh, so easy to work with! here are some of my personal favorites from our time together on the streets of mpls.

one more sneak peek/megan eastview 2012/minneapolis senior photographer

mea break…my kiddos are home…allie and i worked all day at the studio. huge progress, huge progress…i cannot wait to share. tomorrow all of the walls will be tackled with a layer

sneak peek for megan/eastview 2012/minneapolis senior photographer

i had told megan that i hoped to be finished with her edits by friday…but i had one shoot this morning and i have another one this afternoon…so it might be an extra day or two, time will

it’s coming along/minneapolis natural light photographer

oh my! today i spent at least 6 hours at the studio and i used up 5 gallons of paint myself. no lie:) i can barely walk tonight. progress…progress…it doesn’t come without pain,

ariel/rosemount 2012/minneapolis natural light and senior photographer

oh all…here are the best of the best from my time with miss ariel/rosemount 2012. we battled the wind just a bit, but nothing drastic. i have to say my two favorite walls in the warehouse

shooting schedule update/minneapolis natural light photographer

good morning everyone out there:) i am headed down to the studio again today to do more work. i am so excited to edit a bit later today if all goes well as i had two very fun, gorgeous seniors on

sneak peek for ariel/rosemount 2012/minneapolis senior photographer

yeah, my first rosemount senior…ever:) here is a quick sneak peek of ariel…i think she looks like mallory from family ties…don’t you? more to come yet this week…i

MIA a bit/minneapolis natural light and senior photographer

I have spent at least 30 hours this week at my new studio, carpet in the one room is now torn up and thrown away in a dumpster:) and i have been scraping carpet adhesive since tuesday… no lie.

laura/orono 2012/minneapolis senior photographer

Laura and I ventured to the arboretum in Chanhassen for her shoot! I will be honest and say that I don’t have a photographer permit for there anymore, so we played it safe…ie, me in a

bev’s favorites/minneapolis boudoir photographer

I just received an email from Bev with her favorites from her boudoir shoot with me:) She gave me permission to post these here on my blog and I will be updating my boudoir website tomorrow as well!

laura’s back for more/orono 2012/minneapolis senior photographer

laura, one of my senior reps from orono this year, hired me again for fall photos, love that:) here are just a couple for starters as a sneak peek. we ventured to the arboretum this time…me

bev/minneapolis boudoir and natural light photographer

bev and i met a few weeks ago and we did a very tame boudoir on location:) i have permission to show this image from her shoot here! gorgeous woman…both inside and out, we had a great time

the C family/minneapolis natural light, kid and family photographer

I left my house for 3:3 basketball and my uploads were running on this family, but computer issues and it froze:( therefore, they are still uploading, but here are some of my favorites for his

alex/minneapolis natural light kid and family photographer

just in case his mom is watching my blog, your edits are being worked on today! thanks so much for your patience…i know it’s been a long two week wait for these families:) here is a

the holmbergs/minneapolis natural light, kid, and family photographer

like i said earlier…here comes another sweet family…another repeat client that i adore. what more can i say? here are some of my favorites from their mini shoot with me outside in ne

good morning mpls/minneapolis natural light and kid/family photographer

i am almost done with this family…but i did this quick peek on facebook late yesterday so i will upload it here as well, but check on back later today for a full blown post of addie/her

addie and company/minneapolis natural light, kid, and family photographer

i am sure you all recognize miss addie from my website…here she is again…and this time much older and bigger:) i adore her and her parents and it is always my pleasure to do their

the S family/happy everything/minneapolis natural light & family photographer

this adorable family and i have a history…and this history is one that i am proud of. i love repeat clients and they are the type of family that keeps me willing to do family shoots every

oh, mr O/minneapolis natural light and kid & family photographer

you may recognize this big guy…he’s 4 now and oh, so, so, handsome! here is owen…one of my repeat clients, one of my clients that treat me the BEST:) anyways, it was my absolute

more of ben/orono 2012/minneapolis senior photographer

I often get asked on the streets who else i am shooting from their school…and on many occasions this summer i was told that ben s, this ben, is a total crack up/hilarious dude:) he was oh, so

sneak peek for ben/orono 2012/minneapolis senior photographer

yes, i am still shooting a few seniors! i have a few more on my schedule and i am still getting a few inquiries trickling in here and there:) i met ben on the streets a little over a week

alyssa and jenna/minneapolis natural light and teen photographer

As i said earlier this week, you may recognize these two blondes-i believe this is my 4th time shooting them? they met me near my old studio in ne on a chilly morning at 9 am…but, we got it

the move is complete/minneapolis natural light photographer

a busy weekend, the move to my new studio is done! it honestly feels sooooo good to have all of my photography stuff out of my house, garage, and closets! i do think i will have a newborn prop sale