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sneak peek for coleman/orono 2012/minneapolis senior photographer

coleman had a vision for this shot during his shoot and he was scheduled for a mini with me so i told him and his mom that if i thought we were doing “okay” shot wise in the first 40

more of emily/orono 2012/minneapolis senior photographer

emily used to live in our neighborhood so i knew at least who she was when she called to book her photos with me. here are some of my favorites from her hour with me on the streets of minneapolis!

kid/family fall shoot dates & times/minneapolis natural light photographer

MEA MADNESS OCTOBER 20 1:30-3:00 3:00-4:30 OCTOBER 23 1:30-3:00 trautman family 3:00-4:30 polingo family and their motorcycles:) OCTOBER 25 1:30-3:00 3:00-4:30 ***BOOKED*** Stevenson

a fun before and after of emily/orono 2012/minneapolis senior photographer

i often get asked how i edit, etc. i will be honest and say that everyone’s coloring is different from the next and the extreme to editing varies a ton based upon skin, location, etc. i think

sarah/orono 2012/minneapolis senior photographer

sarah met me on the streets of minneapolis/warehouse district for her mini shoot with me. with a girl senior mini we need to go quick and be organized with all of the clothes and accessories and

sarah sneak peek/orono 2012/minneapolis senior photographer

my next client has my maiden name and my younger sister is sara, so i thought that was kind of unique when she emailed to book with me. LOL sarah has an interest in photography i have seen on

i’m back, more of ryan/providence academy 2012/minneapolis senior photographer

i met ryan and his delightful mom in the warehouse district of minneapolis and i had one hour with him. before we even started shooting we talked about their wants/needs for his shoot to be

sneak peek for ryan/providence 2012/minneapolis senior photographer

good morning…i am up early and editing already. my goal is to edit one person a day. i am catching up…but when i do 3 or 4 shoots a night it doesn’t take long to build up:)

outside studio building pictures/minneapolis senior, boudoir and natural light photographer

i am starting to get quite a few inquiries about subleasing my new studio space as of 11/1/11. i am going to upload two images that i took of the building from the outside so fellow photographers

mr. tony and mr. charlie/minneapolis teen and natural light photographer

let me first say that these two boys are brothers and i had so much fun with them. i don’t think they knew what to expect from their shoot, but i tried to make it as painless as possible for

two tough guys…just kidding!/minneapolis teen & natural light photographer

just a sneak peek for their delightful mom before i head out the door to the twins game with my family…free tickets from todd’s work:) tony and charlie are my editing victims and they met

robby/armstrong 2012/minneapolis senior photographer

Good Morning to all of you out there! I just finished Robby’s edits and I will be honest and say he was one tan boy! I had to tweak his skin tone quite a bit…but he sure is a handsome

robby/armstrong 2012/minneapolis senior photographer

here is just a quick sneak peek of robby. i know his mom from way back when…my days in plymouth and the plymouth mom’s club. i was oh, so tickled when she called me to book photos with

millie/orono 2012/minneapolis senior photographer

millie has such great coloring and was oh, so photogenic and easy. here are just some of my personal favorites from my hour with her! i so enjoyed working on the streets with her and her

i posted on craigslist/minneapolis natural light photographer

Today I bit the bullet and i posted an ad under office and commercial for my new studio. eeeccckkk! I am unable to show it to prospective subleasers right now as it’s being used for a

millie sneak peek/orono 2012/minneapolis senior photographer

millie and delightful mom met me in the warehouse district for her mini shoot with me…i have worked with ali in the past with her son, ross. millie and her mom were oh, so easy…low

madelyn/orono 2012/minneapolis senior photographer

as i always tell my clients…every shoot is completely different from the next:) which…makes my job very interesting! and i love the variety in my life. if every shoot was the same i

sneak peek for madelyn/orono 2012/minneapolis senior photographer

madelyn came with lots of fun accessories to her shoot and her brown hat was just one of them. here is a sneak peek of her “styling” in her hat. i totally think she looks like melissa

david/orono 2012/minneapolis senior photographer

just some more fun images from my shoot with david/orono 2012. we had a gorgeous night on the town last week and here is just a nice sampling of what he has in his private gallery. he had a two

winter tweens and senior minis/minneapolis senior photographer

are you ready? something new for me here…special price on these…applicable for all tweens and seniors out there! i like to think that so many of my seniors have had so much fun with me

sneak peek for david/orono 2012/minneapolis senior photographer

whew…i am getting a bit more caught up…taking a week of vacation really puts one behind! here is one image of david from his shoot last week with me in the warehouse district ( i love

katie/blake 2012/minneapolis senior photographer

i have to say that katie was the most smiley senior i have ever had. she was sooooo darn bubbly and she said she is always smiling and she wanted smiling shots. she was soooo darn

white clothing/minneapolis natural light photographer

good morning out there to all of you! this is just going to be for educational purposes to all of my blog followers out there. i have it written all over my senior website that i really do not want

katie/blake 2012/minneapolis senior photographer

whew…i am pooped tonight, four shoots tonight on the streets and after that a much needed target run as well. i am off to bed here soon, and yes, i am aware that’s it is a saturday

austin/orono 2012/minneapolis senior photographer

austin and his mom met me in ne mpls for his mini shoot, meaning one hour and i promise 8-10 of the best images custom editing. we had an absolutely gorgeous evening but several

fun before and after of austin/orono 2012 senior/minneapolis senior photographer

austin was sooooo much fun doing his shoot with me…i truly wished he had more than an hour with me as i truly was enjoying both he and his mom on the streets, just my kind of people:) he is

austin sneak peek/orono 2012/minneapolis senior photographer

austin and his easy going mom were my clients that i had in the ne arts district when i got “busted” for trespassing and lying by the northrup king building. i honestly could not have

jackie/orono 2012/minneapolis senior photographer

get ready, this is going to be a pretty big post as jackie had a full session with me…and here is just a sampling of some of my personal favorites. we had a gorgeous night on the town and i

jackie/orono 2012 before and after/minneapolis senior photographer

i had two clients this week tell me that they really enjoy seeing the before and after shots! so, this is for their viewing. gorgeous model, fun location, good light…but it just needed a bit

jackie sneak peek/orono 2012/minneapolis senior photographer

i am now onto jackie…and i have to be honest and say that after 8 boys in a row i am ready to edit a girl this week:) she will be my project for the next day, or two, or three…depending

cole/westonka 2012/minneapolis senior photographer

cole and his mom were oh, so much fun on the streets of minneapolis-both have fabulous personalities and i had a blast working with them! cole is one tall boy…so that always adds a bit more

sneak peek for cole/westonka 2012/minneapolis senior photographer

cole was another one of my senior mini guys in the warehouse district…he lives in my neighborhood and wouldn’t cha know if i had never met him before, but his mom is a delight (as was

parker/westonka 2012 full blown post/minneapolis senior photographer

i usually complete everything with my clients within 7-10 days, but parker’s shoot was the week prior to my vacation so his shoot seems like it was a long time ago to me:) he and his mom met

one more sneak peek for parker/westonka 2012/minneapolis senior photographer

today i had hoped i would get a ton of editing done on parker…but it just didn’t happen. sorry, parker. i honestly do not know where today went. (i did have one shoot

848 clark avenue/my childhood house/minneapolis natural light photographer

okay all…personal post here. but, i felt the need tonight that this needed to be done:) note…my new song on my playlist “our house”…i feel pretty cool about that:) it

sneak peek for parker/westonka senior 2012/minneapolis senior photographer

just one quick edit of parker from his mini shoot with me the week before my vacation in the warehouse district of minneapolis. he has such strong features-his jaw line/cheek bones and stunning