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commercial shoot for the posh place take two/minneapolis kid and commercial photographer, seniors too!

i am still looking for more newborn/young girls to model hats/headbands for the posh place these mini shoots will be taking place at my studio in ne mpls…1330 ne quincy street #202. a thank

here’s the deal/minneapolis kid and commercial shoot photographer

***just reposting this, i know it’s been busy with the holidays and all:) i will be taking images of the hats today/tomorrow and i’ll get those posted as well! that will help with

a flash from the past/minneapolis baby, kid and senior photographer

it is my mission this winter to take the time and pull some images out of the archives and blow them up for our walls. this one i did a quick edit on and i plan on ordering a canvas wrap or standout

2012 senior shooting schedule/minneapolis high school senior photographer

i am trying to be proactive and here is my tentative senior shooting schedule for next june-october. i will be offering three different session options for my seniors this year-mini, half or full. i

just a quick rambling/minneapolis baby, kid, family and senior photographer

***for those models of the posh place mini shoot, 8 x 10 prints have arrived and i will ship those this week:) thank you! ***just a friendly reminder that if i get an takers i will do the same thing

merry christmas from me/minneapolis baby, kid and senior photographer

just a quick merry christmas from me to you, all of my faithful blog readers. each and every year i seem to cut back on something, this year i will admit that even though i “used” to

my life this week/minneapolis photographer

total craziness..but all good, all good! todd and i went out with friends saturday night, 4 couples, and we went to the cooper pub in west elm… one of the couples is dealing with major health

underappreciated?/minneapolis photographer

seriously…this was my day… got up, put a hat on my head and just a bit of makeup… logan had a mini moment over not being able to find his bb jacket. drove the neighbor to the bus

another favorite of the year/minneapolis kid, family, and senior photographer

1. kaden is stinkin cute 2. love his outfit 3. very fond of this location-the door, the light 4. check out his body language and how he’s holding his hands…priceless 5. i have a

just for fun/minneapolis kid, family and senior photographer

i thought i’d recap some of my favorite photos of the year…each will have their own distinct reason:) hmmmm, this photo…what do you all need to know? 1. this family is special

total brainfart/minneapolis kid, family and senior photographer

i said i was going to announce the winner of a free family “styled” mini shoot with me on november 1st and i failed to do so. the winner of this shoot is kelly hanson and her family of

few more of ayla/minneapolis baby, kid, senior, and commercial photographer

just a few more of miss ayla stying a hat from the posh place. ayla had her opinion on which hat she liked the best so we went with that:) thanks ayla and shelley for coming to the studio for

ayla sneak peek/minneapolis kid and commercial photographer

i am out the door to do some major christmas shopping, but here is one quick image of miss ayla…i know her mom has been patiently waiting!!! she was my last victim of my commercial shoot for

just a few more of madison/minneapolis baby and kid commercial photographer

miss madison is so fully of personality, i thoroughly enjoyed her. as i emailed her mom after i was done editing…i found myself smiling as i was editing her photos and thinking to myself i

madison sneak peek/minneapolis kid and commercial photographer

i was blessed to be able to work with madison and her mom, amy. they are regular clients of my friend, robin. thanks robin for plugging my mini shoot morning:) full of personality madison

more of marit/minneapolis baby, kid, and commercial photographer

just a few more for your viewing of miss marit. she wasn’t much into the big smiles for me…she was very mellow all the way around. here are some of my favs from her shoot:) thanks

sophia/minneapolis baby and kid photographer/commercial too

miss sophia came to my new studio last tuesday for my commercial shoot for the posh place the point of the mini shoot was to capture images of the little girls wearing fun hats/headbands… well,

few more of addie/minneapolis kid and commercial photographer

just a few more from addie’s mini shoot last week for your viewing pleasure! she is so cute, even when she’s crying…i think you all will agree! the look away shots are precious

marit sneak peek/minneapolis baby and kid photographer + families and seniors too

just one quick sneak peek of marit…her mom was logan’s second grade teacher and i have done shoots for her sister- leila -and also marit and her family when she was a newborn:) they sure

new profile picture/minneapolis baby, kid, family, and senior photographer

i had the pleasure of spending thursday with three awesome photographers! here is a new profile picture for my website and i’m not sure who honestly took it as our cameras got mixed up a bit:)

poppy seed chicken/minneapolis photographer

this is my daughter’s favorite chicken…poppy seed chicken. she asks for it all the time and it is really easy to make! 4 chicken breasts 1 can cream of chicken soup 1 c sour cream 4 tsp

same image, numerous ways/minneapolis baby, kid, senior and commercial photographer

oh, miss addie…this was my third time shooting her, and i was giddy inside when i saw that her zebra dress matched the hat from the posh place!!! she always comes styled you see, this i know

just one of those days/minneapolis baby and kid photographer

i am just looking at my images from my mini’s today at the new studio and i just have to say i had a lot of this…stinkin cute this miss addie even when she’s not happy and she

headband for tuesday’s commercial shoot/minneapolis photographer

i thought i would take a picture of the headbands but she lisa from the posh place sent quite a few:) i am out the door in a bit for basketball so i am just going to do my best in describing them to

crazy week/minneapolis photographer

just a quick update on my life…i know i’ve been moa quite a bit these days:) we went to sioux falls last weekend to see the in-laws and pretty darn sure my mother in law has

commercial shoot update/minneapolis photographer

in an earlier post re: the posh place commercial shoot on 12.7 i stated that my new studio would be in 201B as i assumed that they would number the new subdivided rooms the same as third floor, but