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two good friends/ minneapolis teen photographer

i rang my neighbor/friend early sunday morning…as i peeked out my window in disappointment when i saw the drizzle and the dark, gray sky. i had a HUGE list of things to try with these two

happy birthday Allie

it just doesn’t get much better than this…taking a good friend to grand rios straight after school on friday, swimming and playing in the game room there….having a sleepover at your

which edit is your favorite?/minneapolis child photographer

my daughter turns 12 this saturday…boy, time has flown by!!! i’d love it if you’d take a moment and let me know which edit you truly find most appealing/which edit speaks to

clothing links

i spent some time this morning and i added a few more clothing links to my blog. i often get asked what looks best on kids, etc. as my website states, white is my least favorite color to

canvas wraps

i posted a thread on one of my favorite photography boards today-asking where my clients can purchase canvas wraps, without going through me and a pro account:) i didn’t get much of a response

just playing a bit

my last maternity client asked for a spash of color on the heart on her tummy on a bw image. so, here it is! also, i played a bit on two images of little M. lightened the one heavily, and added

i was surfing a bit tonight

and i ran across this website for fun and unique maternity wear. for anyone that knows me, i’m all about comfort and my clothing in the winter months pretty much amounts to my velour

M & M/ Minneapolis maternity photographer

as i promised here are more from my maternity shoot earlier this week. little M kept us on our toes, that’s for sure…but in the end i think we got some cute shots:) i am looking forward

mini session update for mother’s day

my 11:00 and noon are both full…the 10:00 slot is still available and there is a possibility of getting the studio for 1:00 as well….depending upon the need. thanks! shelley

double M’s

yesterday i had the pleasure of doing this maternity shoot…as she was having a C section today:) i was happy that i could get this shoot in for her/them. M brought little M with her…and

what happens in dassel…stays in dassel

first off- HAPPY EASTER to all of you that peek at my blog:) second – as any of you that know me well…you know i will pretty much try anything to get a fun, unique image. third- know that

things that i love

i honestly don’t know the whole story, but i stalk a woman’s blog a bit and her name is sheye rosemeyer. what i do know is that she lost a daughter and she continues to post about her

a sample of what a gallery would look like

just as an example here, i am going to post an image in the three ways that i typically edit. a color boost, a slight brownish hue, and a standard bw. so, after a newborn or family shoot i tend to

G stands for gorgeous

i promised that i’d share a few more from my shoot with G. I truly had a hard time choosing which ones to share, as i honestly love all of them. we had so much fun using the fabric backdrops

head shots

I had the pleasure of doing head shots on my friend/neighbor on Tuesday at the studio. G is just gorgeous, both inside and out and we had such a blast together. She has such beautiful hair, skin

mini sessions at the studio

On Mother’s Day, Sunday May 10th, I am offering my first ever mini sessions from 10-1:00 at my studio in downtown Hopkins. Each session will run under 45 minutes and after your session I will

another before and after

here is another photo of my daughter, i know…i know, i really ought to post some of my son here real soon:) anyways, i took A to the studio yesterday to play a bit. unfortunately, i let her

so tired of this, even though it’s beautiful

this is what i see when i look out my back windows. i truly am blessed to have a wooded backyard. i drove around lake minnetonka this morning after i dropped my son off at a birthday party, the


this is an image of harrison, the iguana, at the riu jalisco pool last week. the kids named him:) i popped the color a bit and added a slight vignette on this image…but that’s it. i

photoshop edit

i just love dramatic black and white images…on this one of miss A i did a contrasty bw with and edge burn…i love this image even though she has a BIG wad of gum in her mouth that she

studio 7

as many of my clients know, i found a space in hopkins that i decided to pursue and low and behold i enticed 6 of my other photographer friends to join with me in this adventure. i am so blessed:)

baby A

i had the pleasure of spending about 4 hours with baby A and her delightful family. yes, newborn shoots can run around 3 hours typically…and this one definitely did, but it was well worth it.

my own bo derek and her dad

here is a photo of my daughter in her bo derek braids from last week and my husband, the mastermind of my website and blog. i owe so much to him…as i truly could not do this without him. so

baby K

i had the pleasure of taking maternity images before this gorgeous little bundle was born.  i was thrilled to go back on-location to capture these images for their family.  so glad to see some pink

the rebel in me

decided to post a picture of a sunset in puerta vallarta this morning…instead of going on my deck to take a gorgeous photo of the snow on the branches that surround my home. the snow is very

miss W

my family just returned from puerta vallarta on wednesday and we had a great vacation…with a little mexico stomach issues, but we had great weather and lots of laughs. we met a wonderful